दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection



  1. A big cauldron, but washing only once a year
  2. A big elephant, but feeding only once a year
  3. A big forest, but still there is not enough leaves to tie up a bit of asafoetida
  4. A black boy on three legged trestle, a white boy on him
  5. A bridge for two wells
  6. A hen comes, the hen leaves, the buttocks of the hen are always very cold
  7. A mother has fibre in her armpit and lots of seeds in there
  8. A mother whose children are all planks
  9. A single sacred thread for hundred Brahmins
  10. A tree with lots of swords
  11. Black cow with a white spot
  12. Black spot on a red cow
  13. Black spot on red woman
  14. Bull is lying down, the rope is grazing about
  15. Circular leaf with no stalk
  16. Dead snake runs on taking a stick
  17. Even if I am on a tree I am not a bird, even with three eyes I am not lord Mahadeva, even with water I am not a pot, tell me who am I
  18. Even though it turns it is not a grinding mortar, even though it's black it is not a crow, even though thorny it is not the flame of the jungle tree
  19. From the cleaved opened earth a hermit has appeared with an umbrella in hand and a pot in armpit
  20. Fruit on the plant and plant on the fruit
  21. Green when entering and red on exiting
  22. Heart burns and body melts
  23. High tide causes it to flourish, with neap tide it will die
  24. Moist leaves on a dry tree
  25. Naga raja's wife's saree is endless, however much she takes it off
  26. New-born babies come out with ash on themselves
  27. Old hag jumps up and down after closing the door
  28. One with a thousand eyes jumped into the river
  29. Shining coin has grainy teeth, tell this riddle and get your teeth
  30. Silver sceptre surrounded by a lots of walls
  31. The cow that went into the paddy saplings has disappeared
  32. The dog in the kitchen has a tail in the front
  33. The king is not able to wear, the dhobi is not able to wash
  34. The old woman has lots of eyes on her body
  35. The tree that threw out the seed
  36. Tuft on the head and a tender coconut underneath
  37. Walks with legs on the head
  38. Wall inside the Agrahaara, conch inside the wall, sacred water in the conch, and sacred basil in the sacred water
  39. Wheel can be seen if cut horizontal, if cut perpendicular then conch shaped
  40. When entering in we were four, on coming out only one
  41. White cow with horn on the side
  42. White root on a black granite slab