दक्षिण कोंकणी उतरावळि

A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection

Words related to pre wedding

व्हारडिके मुरथमलीं उतरां

  1. search for alliance
  2. matching horoscopes
  3. for the horoscopes to be in good alignment
  4. meeting the would-be bride
  5. finalise the alliance for marriage
  6. finalising the auspicious day for engagement and wedding
  7. performing engagement ceremony
  8. Exchanging of gift platters
  9. exchanging gifts
  10. Giving gifts to the groom-to-be
  11. adorning the bride-to-be with flowers
  12. adorning the bride-to-be with flowers on fridays
  13. getting the permission and blessings from the community guru for the alliance and marriage
  14. performing puja for getting the sacred thread ready
  15. germination of nine pulses
  16. tying the sacred silk thread
  17. symbolic kashi trip performed by the groom
  18. gifting of clothes
  19. freeing from brahmacharyashram