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A Southern Konkani Vocabulary Collection

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Meanings of

singing the song of blessing
  1. शोभना म्हणप, शोभान म्हणप  (n.)
    Category: Customs related to wedding ceremony

Related matches for

singing the song of blessing
Customs related to wedding ceremonyव्हारडिक संबंधित आचार
  1. pooja done to lord ganesh for his blessings
  2. starting ritual during the wedding day
  3. prayer ritual to ganga
  4. grinding black gram by the bride
  5. worshiping the gods of the wedding pavalion
  6. adorning the bride
  7. giving sweets to the groom
  8. giving sweets and gifts
  9. purificational act
  10. adorning of the groom
  11. the start of the marriage procession of the groom
  12. the holding of the sacred vessel
  13. holding the main platter
  14. reaching of the marriage procession
  15. welcoming the groom's procession
  16. exchanging of vermilion and flowers
  17. sprinkling of rose water
  18. washing the feet of the groom
  19. performing the aarthi of the groom
  20. respectful offering of ‘a mixture of honey’
  21. wearing of a golden sacred thread
  22. holding a curtain
  23. bringing the bride
  24. announcement of the auspicious time
  25. lowering the curtain
  26. showering consecrated rice on couple
  27. voluntary giving away of daughter
  28. giving gifts or vardakshina to the groom
  29. smearing the palms
  30. showering sacred rice on each other
  31. exchanging garlands
  32. naming the linages
  33. tying strands of threads
  34. holding the gotra threads
  35. tying of the sacred red silk thread with a turmeric piece
  36. tying the mangalsutra
  37. filling the veil
  38. leading the bride to adorn again
  39. the entering of the bride
  40. performing an oblation in fire
  41. touching the hone
  42. wearing a silver toe ring
  43. pouring rice flakes
  44. distribution of the remaining rice flakes
  45. circumambulation
  46. touching the couple's heads together
  47. tying a nuptial knot
  48. carrying forward the bride and groom
  49. showering of consecrated rice
  50. honouring elders
  51. waving of a lighted lamp
  52. singing the song of blessing
  53. presenting of gifts
  54. giving sweets to the couple
  55. donation of fruits
  56. donation of money
  57. lunch for all